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Assertiveness training and self-defense for girls

This is a special concept and experimental training, to teach girls how to use their body in self-defense  -based on encouragement and social personality training, which often has a therapeutic effect. All children are trained according to their personal needs and capabilities, in order to allow each child to learn at their own pace.

The primary goal
Empowering girls effectively in order to assert themselves in our modern society. Also to identify situations of conflict and violent attacks in order to successfully put an end to the situation both verbally, and if needed physically.

Objective of the training 
- strengthening of self-awareness and self-esteem 
- Learning how to calm down a situation, but also how to stop the situation from escalating
- Learn how to interpret and read body language
- Coping with anxiety and stress relief experience themselves, if necessary, with some  strong proposals, kicks or clever tricks to learn to defend themselves.

Methods/ Approaches
The methodology is strengthened through the calm and motivating environment.

Constructive group work
Violent experiences are discussed and worked through.

Courage training
- Courage to act -I want to - I can - I will 
- Building your personal space, clearly learn to say “No”
- The power of words 
- The inner dialogue - the inner attitude

Body language training
Victim / Offender attitude 
What do facial expressions, gestures, and postures, tell about a person.

Role playing
Training solutions to mimic possible situations.

- Defense techniques 
- Helping others out of distress.  

Conditions for applying 
- Age 8-12 years or 13 - 17
- Group size max. 10

Training times:

Wittmund: The courses are offered on demand and supply.  Tel.: 0174 7722351

Dienstags, 14.30 Uhr- 15.30 clock at the elementary school Esen-Nord

Freitags, 16.00 Uhr - 17.00 clock in the house of the encounter.

Your Training Team 

Donation account: IBAN: DE26 28550000 0000 041798; Sparkasse Leer-Wittmund