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Welcome to hip-hop for girls!

In Hip Hop -. lessons girls learn to move to the latest music and learn together with friends the latest choreographies, and the latest in style dances. This is all achieved in a calm and stress free environment where the kids are taught according to their personal abilities and skill levels so that every child has the opportunity to express themselves.  

Dancing every week, is the perfect opportunity to both physically exercise but also catch up on social time with existing friends but also an opportunity to make new ones.  

Training happens after a steady warm up, where mainly basic techniques are practiced, but also various combinations of steps, which are then woven together into a choreography, which is thereafter tuned and tweaked to be age and skill appropriate for the various groups. Entry into the lessons is possible at any time, and everyone is welcome to join a trial course which gives parents and children the opportunity to get a peek into what Hip Hop for girls is really about.

The entry into this group is any time possible.

Training times:

Wittmund: Fridays 16.00-17.00 clock. In the sports hall at Garden Street.  Esens: Thursdays 16.00-17.00 clock. In the Triple gym.  

Leonie Remfort

Donation account: IBAN: DE26 28550000 0000 041798; Sparkasse Leer-Wittmund