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All about Media!

Our Goal: to create instead of consume media!

The daily challenges our children face when consuming what they see on the Internet and TV are, to say the least, complex. In our project we work to help children and youth understand both the opportunities and risk involved in our modern day media, but also to give them the opportunity to develop individually and creatively.

In our integrative project, “star maker,” children and youth have the opportunity to learn how to use modern audio and studio technology. Our studio gives children the opportunity to record their own musical masterpieces or moderate interesting topics.

The children which learn to program HTML homepages, learn to work on audio-books, or are even directors or camera men/women in our projects, learn to criticize the modern media in a more conscious fashion far beyond the capabilities of children in their own age group.


In this media project, the children and youth regardless of their emigrational background learn to use modern video and audio devices. Together the children learn to discuss and converse about the everyday media in which they are both involved and are consuming. The participants in this micro project learn about their surroundings and about the history imbedded within. Together the children and youth create Internet, and TV spots about their most successful experiences, also about how they deal with problems in school, workplaces, or university. Products such as Talk-shows, children’s films, audio-books, and lectures for kids and from kids, result from our micro project “together.”


Our children and young people's own using HTML homepages learn how to program, or working on the script, the director andcamera lead, know with the flood of media-critical and deal more consciously than most of their peers.

The entry into this group is possible at any time.

Class times:

The courses are offered on demand and supply. Tel . 0174 7722351

Donation account: IBAN: DE26 28550000 0000 041798; Sparkasse Leer-Wittmund