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Welcome to our adventure-based projects "courage instead of anger" and "Power Kids"!

An outdoor experience where everyone can enjoy activities together, be it climbing in the Elbe sandstone mountains, canoeing in East Frisia, or tent camps and survival weekends – we guarantee a fun filled weekend for your children.

Children and youth absorb the outside world in many different ways, which allows them to build their own reality. In our projects kids are given a chance to get a better understanding of group conflicts, and of their own behavior and their own limits. Through their physical performance they have a chance to learn their limits and be physically active in a friendly and fun environment.

The entry into this group is possible at any time.

Project time:

In winter find our outdoor excursions by arrangement instead. Tel . 04462/23351 

Your Jurij Ils


Juri Ils thanked Ms. Bremicker from Loeningen for the gift of air-kayak. The boat is well used in the numerous outdoor activities.

Donation account: IBAN: DE26 28550000 0000 041798; Sparkasse Leer-Wittmund