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Your donation helps!

Donate money 
You can the education Work of youth work of the "Work of youth" Association help. In addition to property and time donations, it is of course  also possible to donate money. 
Nowadays, it is really not easy to save some money. This then to donate and to consider to whomthe money should go, must also be carefully considered, how to decide the money really comes there to where it is needed.

The money comes in 
We can offer you this decision not lose weight , but you want to leave knowing that your donation reaches us where it is needed by our Constitution - in children and adolescents.

Learning to know us personally
Take up the time and get to know the "Work of youth" know better. Feel free to contact us, email us or visit us just on a number of our educational activities and convince yourself of our work. Then, decide whether a donation is right for you question.

What your donation will be used? 
Helping children and young people on the path to becoming an adult. We bring our members the correct values ​​in, show them the importance of environmental awareness and give them the opportunity to engage socially. 

Our open Work of youth education projects have in common with the young people designed, tested and continuously expanded. Our commitment is aimed at children and adolescents aged 6 to 18 years. For over 20 years, we have a week to more than 170 children and young people. Our creative education educational project activities were adopted from the beginning of the children and teenagers and provide them with an innovative personality development supported platform.  

Here they can meet their friends, dancing, canoeing, guitar in a friendly atmosphere  to learn to play , read and discuss, learn first aid, PC creative use. The team, consisting of a volunteer educational specialist, and 12 volunteers, is always available for discussions and organizes monthly a varied education educational leisure program. These include workshops on various topics, homework and job application assistance, counseling, games, tours and appearances. 

Way you can support this project: 

For 100 EUR we can open the project "Healthy Cooking and Baking" for needy children perform for a year. 

Using 500 EUR we have the opportunity to spend a year more erlenbispädagogische activities for the children fund.  

1,000 EUR enable us to carry out an educational, music or media educational offer  for the whole year. 
Did you decide and want to donate, then please transfer your donation to the following bank account. ensure that we can issue a receipt for your donation, please write your address in the application. Please consider the notes for a donation receipt.

Donations Work of youth

IBAN: DE26 28550000 0000 041798
Sparkasse Leer- wittmund
Account number: 417 98
Bank code: 285 500 00
Purpose: Work of youth Development

Your donation is tax deductible. The "Work of youth" Association is exempt from income tax because of the promotion of charitable purposes. We are therefore authorized to issue tax receipts for the promotion of non-profit and charitable purposes.

Help you to support the work of the Work of youth work on!  Donate now! 

Donation account: IBAN: DE26 28550000 0000 041798; Sparkasse Leer-Wittmund